Kyiv Mathematical Society News     27.05.08
Щиро вітаємо ОЛЕКСІЯ ТЕПЛІНСЬКОГО з перемогою у
Наукового товариства ім. Шевченка в Америці
та фундації  "Україна-США"!

Перемогу він отримав за конкурсну роботу
"Посилена жорсткість для дифеоморфізмів кола з особливостями".

Витяг з рецензії на роботу Теплінського:

"Teplinsky is a deep and original young mathematician. He works on hardand interesting problems related to dynamical renormalizations.
In an important paper published about a year ago in "Inventiones Mathematicae", Teplinsky (jointly with Khanin) proved that any two analytic critical circle maps with the same irrational rotation number and the same order of critical points are $C^1$- smoothly conjugate. The very surprising feature of this rigidity result is that it holds for all irrational rotation numbers, without any Diophantine conditions! The analogous statement in the case of circle diffeomorphisms is simply false, but Khanin and Teplinsky proceed to give the simplest prove of the strongest rigidity result in the case of $C^{2+\alpha}$-smooth diffeomorphisms. This is an important contribution to the Herman theory.
All these are first rate results showing Teplinsky' great research potential. He fully deserves to be awarded with the young mathematician prize."