The research for this bibliography was supported by a generous grant from the Shevchenko Scientific Society, (The Yuriy Kuziv Fund).  I would like to thank Larissa Onyshkevych, President of the Society, and the Society’s librarians in New York City.  The librarians of the Slavic Collections Room of the New York Public Library were very helpful.  Mrs. Oksana Radysh showed me many of the rare items that are archived at The Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in New York City. 


The inter-library loan and reference librarians of Providence College, in Providence Rhode Island, and at the Library of the University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus deserve accolades for their ever-efficient assistance.  For providing me access to many specialized sources in the collection of the United States Naval War College Library in Newport, Rhode Island, Director Robert Schnare warrants applause from this grateful author.  Members of the Famine Committee shared their considerable historical knowledge, opinions, experience, and sources.  I especially wish to express my gratitude to Lubomyr Onyshkevych for his unflagging support of this project.  To my dear parents and steadfast friends, bless you for all your help.  S.L.L.B.